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Miracle Pools Pvt Ltd is an innovator in designing and constructing Swimming Pools for Residential Apartment, Resorts, Hotels and Schools. We Design and execute Swimming Pools, Water Bodies, Jacuzzi and we also provide water treatment for drinking, utility and waste water (Sewage treatment plant) Steam and Sauna. Miracle Pools Pvt Ltd is a team headed by Mr. Thimmaiah T.M the Director – Techno Commercial & Ms. Alphonsa the Director - Operational who has over 15 years of experience in planning & executing turnkey projects with reputed organizations in the Swimming Pool Construction and have executed over 1000 pools. We are providing professional consultancy service to South India since 2006.


We can be counted on to deliver a quality, built innovative water shapes to meet or exceed your expectations. As experts in our field, our designers specialize in custom water shapes and spa designs. All of our pools are built to the highest quality standards. We meet and exceed all local and state health department rules and regulations. We provide every client with a fully detailed, customized plan and other details. And also the industry's most extensive construction and equipment warranties. Every Miracle Pool has a structural warranty for a period of 15 years.

Miracle Spas & Pools Pvt Ltd has completed various commercial projects which include Residential, Hotel, Resorts, Apartment’s, Schools, Physical therapy and Rehab- centers. We offer remodeling of current pool to include a new surface & give your pool a face lift by replacing the tile, coping or deck. Update the pool equipment by adding a variable speed pump to save on electricity. To fit your pool with a beautiful Spa, waterfall and heat pumps to extend your swimming season. Modernize you chemical delivery system by adding an Ozone system.

Having a Spa adds splendor and beauty to your lifestyle. Spa brings physical and mental enjoyment beyond its monetary value. These can be added to any pool, or are offered as a stand alone custom project.

We are proud to say that we are experts in executing all type of turnkey projects and all the projects are custom made in accordance to the vision, specifications, requirements and the budget of the client. We also maintain the quality and aesthetics of our workmanship to the best of the client’s satisfaction.

Water treatment Plant

Ground waters contain large amounts of organic load, which is the best nutrient for bacteria. Therefore, however pure the source of water may be, only Ozonation can kill bacteria, virus, cysts, algae, fungi and oxidize nitrogenous matter in the water making it sparkling clean. Most raw water sources contain naturally occurring organic compounds with which halogens such as chlorine combine to form carcinogenic halo forms. Several hotels, clubs, resorts and leading mineral water brands all over India use Ozone systems. Drinking ozonated water ensures protection from all water borne diseases including jaundice.

We provide round the clock customer support in supplying the accessories and also in the maintenance of the swimming pool on request as and when required.

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